A WISP is a wireless internet service provider that delivers internet connectivity using wireless communication technologies.

More About WISP:

A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP) is a specialized type of internet service provider that utilizes wireless communication technologies to deliver internet connectivity to users. Unlike traditional ISPs that rely on wired connections, WISPs use wireless technologies such as radio waves, microwave, or satellite signals to establish connections and transmit data. WISPs typically deploy antennas or access points strategically to cover specific areas or regions with wireless internet access. They provide a viable solution in areas where wired infrastructure is limited or economically challenging to deploy. WISPs play a vital role in bridging the digital divide by offering internet services to rural or remote locations that may not have access to traditional wired connections. They often employ innovative technologies and equipment to optimize the wireless transmission, ensuring reliable connectivity and satisfactory internet speeds for their customers. WISPs may offer various plans and packages tailored to the needs of residential users, businesses, or specific industries. As technology advances, WISPs continue to evolve, embracing new wireless standards and expanding their coverage areas to connect more people and communities to the digital world.